Christina Soeberg
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I grew up in a small town outside of Copenhagen. Since I was a child, I recall being sensitive and drawn by the small details… I can’t deny that I was a dreamer from a young age and felt the world was full of magic. I later discovered there was a contrast to this belief that gave me a broader perspective in life yet I’m grateful for my child-like nature that always keep me curious wanting to explore my creativity in new ways.

In my early twenties, my passion for design made me pursue a career as a designer in fashion and left behind a journey of dance and performing art which was also one of my great passion since childhood.

A few year later I started my own fashion label however my soul was longing for something else, a feeling of freedom and expressing my creativity differently.

2011 became a year of transformation in all aspects of life as the diagnose of a chronic Illness (Lyme disease) bounded me to a bed for months. What seemed then to be a curse later showed to be a blessing in disguise as it embarked a journey of healing and listening to that little voice inside that reached out for my deepest desires and adventures that I was longing for.

The path was in front on me, and I then created a new journey. I traveled the world for insights and wisdom of how to heal, I learned by going inwards and finding my way of how to regain my health. I visited tropical countries and learned about the benefits of living foods and the healing art of a spiritual practice. The transformational experience sparked a new life force in me and perspective of life. I continued an exciting exploration of foods and travels and my precious little daughter; Hope Cinnamon was born in Dec 2014.

My new-found passion for holistic health lead me on a long kitchen adventure for the following years to come, and It sparked my desire to capture those moments with my styling and photography. All my adventures inspired me to create vibrant recipes and products with the purpose of nurturing the senses and yet be kind to our precious temple.

I’m currently based in Copenhagen and work as a Photographer, Food Stylist & Raw/Vegan chef.

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