Christina Soeberg

Photography & Styling

I deliver creative content for businesses and help them strengthen their visual appearance. I work on projects related to food, interior, lifestyle & travel and develop visual content that awake emotions and captures the essence of what the company has to offer.

Recipes & food concepts

My experience working with companies in the health arena and collaborating with people in the raw and vegan industry gives me a broad understanding of how to inspire and engage people that are looking to improve their general lifestyle and food habits. I’m passionate about creating food that feels nourishing to the senses and yet the best fuel for our bodies and I’ve mastered over the years to create products and recipes that are delicious and satiating and not compromising to our health.

I work with companies that aims to renew their product profile and have been involved in the process from developing new innovative ideas and strengthening their core concept. I help them to draw a structure for new fresh content to be developed and redefine their products and brand values to always excite and inspire their audience.

I’m have been working with various health oriented businesses in Copenhagen and in the UK.

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